Cultivate your passions.

Community meal plan options and facilities

What’ll you have?


It all looks good—starting with the patio view through the dining room. Whether it’s a special holiday menu or just an evening at home, you can make new friends, make a toast, and enjoy delicious cuisine prepared fresh daily by our executive chef. Our full-service, restaurant-style dining room serves a wide range of healthy, satisfying dishes, and can help with food allergies and restricted diets. We have made-to-order breakfast, entrées, salads, and fresh fruit at our bistro daily through lunch and the service is always friendly!


Enjoy delicious fare every day.

  • Limited capacity fine dining with table service
  • Seasonal favorites
  • Healthy dining options: fresh seafood, chicken, and plenty of vegetables
  • Coffee, tea, and snacks
  • Selections for restricted diets
  • A bright beautiful setting with a view
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Out and about.


We have plenty of lush pathways for strolling—both at Sunny View and in the surrounding neighborhood. But when you want to really get somewhere, you can head out with your own driver. If you’ve got errands to run, friends to meet, or appointments at the doctor or at the salon, simply schedule with the front desk and catch a ride on one our buses or sedans or use our concierge service to call a Lyft. And never worry about finding a parking spot again! Our resident transportation can get you there.


We’re going where you’re going:

  • Transportation is available daily
  • Complimentary rides to medical appointments within a 10-mile radius from Sunny View
  • Complimentary non-medical trips within a 5-mile radius from Sunny View
  • Booking is easy through the front desk
Pet-friendly retirement community with dog parks and resident patios

Warm noses, warm hearts.


Pets are part of your life and can be comforting, so they’re a welcome part of our community. Make new friends and bring the old. Sunny View is home to some very special pets. You’ll see furry four-legged friends out and about on the pathways — they’re ideal for walking and socializing. There’s even a Furry Friends club! Be sure to ask about our pet policy when you visit.

Note: A pet application and fee are required.

Ongoing calendar of social events to suit a range of themes and interests

Where any hour can be social hour.


You’ll find many things to do here. We are making an extra effort to transition may of our groups and gatherings to virtual or socially distanced environments. When the pandemic subsides, you can also look forward to the following:


Over a dozen resident-led clubs and events:

  • Mahjong, Bridge, and Pinochle clubs
  • Walking Club
  • Puzzle Club
  • Book Club
  • Sunny View Rag Tag Band
  • Volunteer Auxiliary
  • Hospitality Resident Lane Advisors
  • Resident Council
  • Coffee Hour
  • Ice Cream Social
  • Game Night
  • Current Events
  • Circle of Life
  • Low-Vision Support Group
  • Advocacy Group
  • Spiritual Life Groups

We make hundreds of trips a month to every kind of destination 

  • Lunch Bunch
  • Movies
  • Winetasting
  • Santa Cruz Mountains
  • Museum trips
  • Garden tours
  • Pumpkin patch
  • Scenic rides
  • Cupertino Senior Center
  • YMCA
  • Live Oak Senior Center
Wellness activites at Sunny View's fitness center and around community

Wellbeing is a way of life here.


At Sunny View you’ll find a focus on fitness and a multitude of ways to get moving. If you love the fresh air, you can stroll and strut through the neighborhood with our walking group. Or join a class. Every day we offer ways to get moving, from meditation and balance to strength training and cardio. At our Wellness Center, you’ll find specially designed state-of-the art equipment, plus a team of trainers and physical therapists to assist with whatever you need to optimize fitness, build strength, flexibility, and endurance. Our fully equipped Fitness Center is also open by appointment for individual or small group use.


Our amenities include:

  • Wellness Center
  • Certified wellness coordinator
  • Classes every day of the week for all levels
  • Senior fitness and balance assessments
  • Health and wellness fair
  • Information seminars and screenings
  • Health speakers
  • Certified personal trainer
  • Certified strength and conditioning specialist
  • Physical therapy department

So many ways to work out including: 

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Tai chi
  • Exercise classes
  • Sit & Be Fit
  • Body strengthening
  • Balance and posture
  • Keiser fitness equipment
  • CyberCycle recumbent bikes
  • AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill
  • HUR smart fitness equipment
  • Morning walking groups
Practice artistic expression through art classes, musical performances, and more at Sunny View

Art imitates life.


Art fills life with passion, purpose, and inspiration. We encourage lifelong artists and those who’ve now found the time to dabble. There’s a celebration of creativity here in a supportive environment. Sunny View residents even have their own Rag Tag Band, complete with brass, piano, and bongos. And there’s room for more.


Creative pursuits:

  • Monthly art instruction
  • Art lectures
  • Photography
  • Watercolor painting
  • Acrylic painting
  • Therapeutic art
  • Pottery
  • Choir
  • Sunny View Rag Tag Band
  • Music therapy
  • Music & Memory iPods
  • Dakim BrainFitness